((Di, 24. September 2024))
((szene)) Wien
Hauffgasse 26, 1110 Wien
Einlass 19:30
Beginn 20:00

Verlegt in Raiffeisen Halle GASOMETER

Nachdem Baby Lasagna den zweiten Platz beim Eurovision Song Contest für Kroatien belegt hat, konnte er damit das beste Ergebnis Kroatiens in der Geschichte des ESC erzielen. Nun geht er auf Tour.

Baby Lasagna is a Croatian pet project born out of songwriters need for artistic expression that let’s him write without clients sometimes strict genre limitations. Lasagna’s experience in writing for different type of artists allows him to blend absolute incompatible genres and create absurde audio concoctions that are catchy and exciting.
While listening to Baby Lasagna it won’t take long before you notice a introvert hiding behind loud and outing persona. His „don’t take yourself too seriously“ approach to music will make you laugh and smile. At the same time, the duality of generic beats and thought provoking lyrics will make you think and explore today’s social climate.