Mind Over Matter


((Mi, 16. Oktober 2024))
((szene)) Wien
Hauffgasse 26, 1110 Wien
Einlass 19:30
Beginn 20:00

Blackbraid is a solo indigenous black metal project from the depths of the Adirondack wilderness creating music as raw and powerful as the mountains from whence it came…

The music of Blackbraid is inspired by the forces of nature in the land around us, overpowering emotions of rage and sadness, and the deep spirituality of the project’s creator, Sgah’gahsowáh; a southern native raised in the mountains of the northeast. His stage name was chosen to honor the Mohawk land which inspires much of Blackbraid’s music.

Blackbraid is a fiercely independent artist, viciously carving a new and inspiring path for indigenous people & underground musicians alike.