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From Rotterdam to Istanbul. Ever since he was young, Önder ‚Murda‘ Doğan has been a true citizen of the world and now the world is at his feet. In the Netherlands he is known from songs such as ‚Rompe‘ with Priceless and Frenna, ‚Shutdown‘ with SFB and his first EP ‘Turkse Pizza‘, but everything changed when he had the first, second and third place on the hit list in Turkey. With more than 1 billion streams on Spotify, we can no longer ignore him.

“Fatherhood comes first, being a rapper second.”

Murda has been in the music industry since 2007. It all started in Eindhoven (NL) when he met SpaceKees who invited him as Jiggy Djé’s tour MC. His strong personality made him the first artist on the Noah’s Ark label. „I’ve been blessed with all the opportunities I’ve been given, but even if I didn’t have all of this, I would have worked just as hard to give my family everything.“

Murda started recording music with artist Fresku and was even part of a duo called Militant Union as TURK for a while. In 2009 Murda released his first EP called ‘Turkse Pizza‘ and the following year his debut album with FS Green ‚De Kassier: Een Monnie Album‘.

He was on a roll, because in the same year he got the lead role of Mahmut in the movie ‘Gangsterboys’, rewarded with the Gouden Film award. This was the start of several appearances on the big screen, such as Flikken Maastricht and Van God Los. In 2020 we saw him again on the big screen, but now as the main act at the final of ‚The Voice‘ in Turkey with a guest show in the grand final with more than 15 million live viewers.

Since Murda has lived in Turkey for a long time, his love for the country and culture runs deep. According to him, the cultural difference is that Turkish people are more fanatical in their support for an artist. They love more fanatically, but also hate more fanatically. The Dutch are more down-to-earth, and both have their charms.

Murda is now a respected and established artist in Turkey. His solo album DOĞA was a great success, which includes Turkish vocals from Dutch artists such as Ronnie Flex and Idaly. With one of the most prominent artists in Turkey, Ezhel, he has released the all-Turkish album ‚Made in Turkey‘. A true hit album that could no longer be driven out of the charts. The tracks ‚Aya‘ and ‚Bi Sonraki Hayatımda Gel‘ broke records of an unprecedented caliber. With over 100 million streams each, both tracks topped the charts in Turkey as the most listened song. „Aya“ was even the very first Turkish-language song with more than 100 million streams on Spotify.

A new chapter has begun, and Murda is on a journey of development as an artist. When asked what else he would like to see in the industry, he immediately replies:

“More Turkish people. I am one of the few, so it would be nice to see more Turkish-Dutch artists. Whether in music, on screen or in any other art form. There are so many creative and talented Turkish people who have a lot to offer, and I hope they get the chance to do this.”