Mind Over Matter


((Do, 18. April 2024))
((szene)) Wien
Hauffgasse 26, 1110 Wien
Einlass 18:30
Beginn 19:00

When harnessed in proper fashion, anger unites.

Spite attract outsiders together by way of a hypnotic, heavy vengeance bordering on thrash intricacy and deathcore intimacy. As a result, the Northern California quartet—Darius Tehrani [vocals], Lucas Garirrigues [guitar], Alex Tehrani [guitar], Ben Bamford [bass], and Cody Fuentes [drums]—engender a level of devout fandom that can only be categorized in canonical terms…

“‘Spite Cult’ is how we refer to the union between ourselves and the fans,” says Darius. “It’s the opposition, the outcasts, and the rejects of society coming together. They’re embracing who they are and not just doing what they’re told. We’re letting people know it’s okay to be angry. We’ve never had a filter on our lyrics. There’s no limit on what we might say or how deep the music will go.”